Unexplained Paranormal Events

Published on 22 Aug 2020 / In Travel & Events

From mysterious religious miracles to the scariest of supernatural sighting here are the most bizarre unexplained paranormal events.
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<br># 6 Room 428
<br>Room 428 in Ohio Universitys Wilson Hall has been sealed off forever. The room is allegedly the one that belonged to a room who committed suicide sometime in the 1970s. There are countless eyewitness accounts of paranormal presences being felt in the room - so many that administration ually decided to close the room off forever to prevent any more occurrences. People who visit the room have witnessed explicit poltergeist ivities - objects were literally violently flung across the room and doors opened and closed on their own accord. Shadowy figures will appear and reappear in the room and even the door is haunted. No matter how many times the door was replaced, a demonic face would appear in the wood grain. College is stressful enough without a malicious spirit tormenting you!
<br># 5 Sailing Stones of Death Valley
<br>The rocks in Death Valleys Racetrack Playa dry lake bed are known for moving around when no one is looking. The moving rocks are called the Sailing Stones and scientists have tried and failed to explain why the rocks move so suddenly across the lakebed. Once every two to three years park rangers will wake up and see that the rocks have moved hundreds of feet from their original spot, leaving distinct trails behind them.
<br># 4 Mothman sighting
<br>This is a mockup of a creature that was seen by several people in Chile. In new, reports came in of a strange creature around the Bustamante Park in Santiago de Chile. The first reports came from a man walking in the park who described the creature as “2 meters tall shaped like a manta ray”. As with most paranormal sightings, the mans report was met with skepticism and disbelief, but within the same day several other witnesses reported seeing the same manta ray-like creature flying over their neighborhoods. The descriptions of the creature bare a nerve-rattling resemblance to mothman - a legendary creature known for bringing misfortune to humanity. To make things even creepier, the area has a history of seeing strange winged creatures. Witness reports of mothman-like sightings go as far back as 1970.
<br># 3 Bournemouth Man has Blue Ball Shower
<br> A resident of Bournemouth, England was mystified when he was tending his garden and blue orbs suddenly rained from the sky. The jelly-like orbs showered his garden and afterwards the sky turned dark-yellow. The man collected the orbs in a jar and inspected them, discovering that they had a slightly hard outer shell and gooey inside but werent sticky and didnt melt. When he called in experts to investigate, meteorologists told him that it wasnt a weather phenomena he was familiar with. The source of this strange orb hail is still yet to be discovered.
<br># 2 Bloop
<br>In the late 90s, underwater sensors across the entire Pacific Ocean heard a low frequency and extremely powerful noise. The noise was loud enough to be heard 3,000 miles outward from its origin in the South Pacific. It is unclear what the sound came from but it has features similar to marine mammal noises like the cry of a whale. The only difference is the Bloop was much, much louder. Some have explained away the noise as the sound of an iceberg breaking underneath water, but many believe that it came from a creature twice as large as a blue whale. Humans have only explored about 5 percent of our Earths oceans, so the possibility of a huge undiscovered sea monster lurking around there is very possible.
<br># 1 Death of Elisa Lam
<br>Elisa Lam was a Canadian tourist staying at the Hotel Cecil in downtown Los Angeles in January of new. She suddenly disappeared with no traces of where she might be. It wasnt until more than two weeks later when guests at the hotel were complaining of strange water coming from their taps did they find her naked body floating in the water tower above the hotel. However, the water tower was locked, and to even get to the roof Elisa would have had to climb out of a window and through an alarmed rooftop door, so how did she get up there? There is footage of her ing extremely strangely in the hotel elevator before her disappearance, ing almost animalistic and childish. And seemingly talking to someone that isnt visible. What makes it all even more creep is that the Hotel Cecil has a history of death surrounding it. It was the residence of two separate serial killers, and multiple people have killed themselves by jumping off the roof. What exly caused the death of Elisa Lam is still unknown to this day.

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